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Breast Augmentation

Women travel to our Kalispell practice for breast augmentation with implants from Missoula, Bozeman, Helena, and Whitefish, MT, for a variety of very personal reasons. Some want to restore volume lost with age, pregnancy, or weight changes, while others have simply always wanted larger breasts. Our board-certified plastic surgeons, Dr. Michelle Spring and Dr. Michael Hromadka specialize in cosmetic breast surgery and use advanced surgical techniques and innovative breast implants to create results that look natural and harmonious with each woman’s body.

Are you ready to discover how breast augmentation at Mountain West Plastic Surgery can enhance your look and your confidence? To discuss your options with one of our two highly trained plastic surgeons, request a consultation using the online form. Or you can call our office at (406) 609-0210 to schedule an appointment.

Breast Augmentation
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Meet Our Providers

Dr. Michelle Spring and Dr. Michael Hromadka are both board-certified, highly trained, and experienced plastic surgeons. Kristy Ehrmantraut PA-C, Surgical Physician Assistant for the practice, assists the surgeons in the OR and follows post-operative patient care in the office, allowing for better patient service and continuity of care. They provide personalized care that is tailored to the unique concerns of each patient, and use their expertise to create results that look natural. Our providers believe taking the time to truly understand their patients' goals is the key to not only meeting, but exceeding their expectations.

Choosing Breast Implants

There are more choices than ever when it comes to selecting breast implants, and our patients benefit from this array of options. Our surgeons can customize breast enhancement procedures based on each patient’s aesthetic goals and unique physical characteristics. Besides the size of your implants, other choices include the fill material, and the shape, texture, and profile of the implants.

Implant Size

Women considering breast augmentation understandably think more about the size of implants than any other decision. During your consultation, Dr. Spring or Dr. Hromadka will discuss your cosmetic goals and use her/his expertise to help you choose the size of implants that will meet those goals. Some patients bring in “wish photos” that reflect the results they want. Our surgeons use the VECTRA® 3D imaging system to help patients preview their potential outcomes with different sized implants.

We are the only practice in the area to offer the VECTRA® 3D Imaging System to our patients. The advanced VECTRA system provides a realistic preview of potential results of breast enhancement, body contouring, and facial rejuvenation procedures.

Implant Material

The implant shell can be filled with saline or cohesive silicone gel. Most of our patients believe the silicone gel implants look and feel more like natural breast tissue, but the decision is a highly personal one. Our surgeons help you understand the benefits of each choice. Various cohesive silicone gel implants are available, including the popular “gummy bear” implants.

The highly cohesive gel that fills gummy bear implants – also called form-stable implants – is a thicker consistency than the silicone gel in other implants. The implants are shaped anatomically, meaning they are fuller in the bottom than at the top to mimic the shape of natural breasts.

The saltwater solution filling saline implants is preferred by some patients, but saline implants are more prone to visible rippling and other aesthetic complications than their silicone gel counterparts.

Implant Shape

Breast implants are either round or teardrop-shaped and the best choice for you will depend on the look you want. Round implants tend to produce more fullness in the upper portion of the breasts, creating more cleavage. The anatomically shaped implants, such as gummy bear implants, create results that many women believe look more natural.

Implant Texture

The implant’s exterior shell can be either smooth or roughly textured. The teardrop-shaped implants are textured to help prevent them from rotating within the implant pocket. Because the breasts’ appearance won’t change if round implants rotate, they can be either smooth or textured.

Implant Profile

An implant’s profile refers to how much it projects from the chest. The profile options for most implants include:

  • Low
  • Moderate
  • Moderate plus
  • High

A low profile implant has the widest base, but provides the least projection. Dr. Spring and Dr. Hromadka help you choose the profile best suited to your body and cosmetic goals during the consultation.

Breast Augmentation Procedure

Breast augmentation is one of the most frequently performed cosmetic surgical procedures in the U.S. and worldwide and is considered a very safe operation when performed by highly trained plastic surgeons such as Dr. Spring and Dr. Hromadka. We perform breast enhancement surgery at The Health Center outpatient surgery center in Kalispell and North Valley Hospital in Whitefish.

Our plastic surgeons tailor the surgical techniques used during the procedure – including where to make incisions – based on your input during the consultation. We’ll also discuss the options for whether to insert the implants in front of or behind the chest muscle. In some cases, a breast lift may also be recommend to address sagging. These choices are personal and vary from patient to patient.

Breast Augmentation Incision Location

sketch of incision locations for breast augmentationsOur surgeons offer 3 different incision locations for breast augmentation. Your choice may be influenced by the size and type of implants used and your personal preference. The 3 incisions include:

  • Inframammary incision: Made at the base of the breast, just above the crease where it connects to the chest wall. This is the most popular location because it offers direct access to the implant pocket and the incision can be very well concealed.
  • Periareolar incision: This incision is made on the lower edge of the areola (the darker skin surrounding the nipple). The incision blends with the pigmented skin as it heals, making it less noticeable. Patients planning to breastfeed children in the future may want to avoid this incision because there is a small risk of severing the ducts that carry breast milk.
  • Transaxillary incision: The advantage of this incision is that it doesn’t involve making an incision on the breast. However, the surgeon doesn’t have a direct view of the implant pocket, but relies on the use of an endoscope. This location is rarely used for patients who choose cohesive silicone gel implants because they are pre-filled. Surgeons insert saline implants first and then fill them to the desired size.

sketch of incision locations for breast augmentations

Implant Placement

After making the incision, Dr. Spring or Dr. Hromadka creates a pocket for your implant. Whether they place the implant in front of the pectoral muscle or behind it is a matter of both personal preference and the physical characteristics of your breasts.

diagram of breast anatomyWomen with thin skin or little existing breast tissue generally get the best results when the implant is inserted under the muscle (called submuscular placement.) A submuscular placement has the additional benefit of having a slightly lower risk of a patient developing capsular contracture, the most common complication associated with breast implants.

Placement under the breast tissue but above the muscle is called a subglandular placement. It provides a fuller appearance and generally involves a slightly shorter recovery because the pectoral muscle isn’t affected.

Once your surgeon is finished inserting the implants, he or she closes the incision and places bandages over them.

diagram of breast anatomy

Breast Augmentation Recovery

Each patient heals at her own pace and your recovery might not be the same as a friend or family member who has had breast augmentation. Our surgeons provide detailed postoperative instructions that help limit your discomfort and enhance the healing process. The recovery process is discussed in detail during your consultation.

Typically, you can expect soreness, swelling, and bruising the be most noticeable in the first 48 to 72 hours following the procedure. These are temporary side effects that in most cases resolve on their own. We encourage our patients to take short walks beginning on the day of the procedure, but to also get plenty of rest. You should take at least 3 days off from work after the surgery, and more if your job is physically demanding.

Your surgeon will advise you if he or she wants you to wear a bandeau or to massage the breasts after surgery. It is important to follow your surgeon’s recommendations after surgery for the best result.

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