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The beginning of every year brings with it a feeling of a fresh start; a time to come up with new goals or even revisit old ones. It’s a time of rejuvenation and renewal. This is the same feeling you get when walking into Mountain West Plastic Surgery’s new office and meeting anyone on their dedicated team. The practice is owned and managed by Dr. Michael Hromadka and Dr. Michelle Spring, Board Certified Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeons who specialize in all types of breast surgery, cosmetic facial and body surgery, and nonsurgical aesthetic procedures. They have cultivated a skilled and dedicated team that have worked together for many years. Dr. Hromadka, Dr. Spring, and Kristy Ehrmantraut PA-C have nearly four decades combined of plastic surgery experience.

The practice emphasizes transparency and communication along with treating everyone with respect and integrity. They look forward to the opportunity to go on a journey with their patients.

Mountain West Plastic Surgery is experiencing its own feeling of the new year and rejuvenation through its own process of rebranding. Spring lightheartedly said that they were getting a “facelift” as their practice is maturing. You will notice changes in the next year, including a new website design early 2023, a (mostly) paperless office, non-invasive technology that is new to the Flathead Valley, satellite offices, and surgery options in the Coeur d’Alene and Sandpoint area in addition to Flathead Valley. The team has transitioned into a physician-owned full service plastic surgery practice. This change allows them to pursue cutting edge technology, increase investment in the staff, and enhance their service options. Hromadka, Spring, and Ehrmantraut continue to be on the medical staff at Logan Health and will continue to do insurance-based reconstructive surgery at Logan facilities.

This change in the practice is much like what they do for patients every day. They take something great and with a few changes here and a lift there, they are able to enhance and rejuvenate what was already in place. Plastic Surgery is a relatively modern name for an ancient practice that can be traced back to ancient Egypt. The term Plastic is derived from the Greek word plastike (teckhne) or the art of modeling or sculpting. The Mountain West Plastic Surgery team are experts in this art of body sculpting using aesthetic lasers, peels, injectables, and surgical techniques to achieve facial rejuvenation, body contouring, and breast surgery such as augmentation, lift, reduction and breast reconstruction after cancer.

Pursuing these types of physical changes can seem daunting to people. Taking time to meet with Hromadka and Spring will allow them and their team the opportunity to present options to help you achieve your goals and provide a safe, comfortable, and enjoyable experience. In the spirit of the new year and working towards new goals, Mountain West Plastic Surgery is waiving their non-refundable consultation fee (normally $150) for the months of February and March 2023.

This is a dedicated 30-minute time for you to meet with either Hromadka or Spring to discuss goals and opportunities. Education, answering questions, and being honest about expectations and goals is the focus of this consultation. The doctors are advocates for their patients, and they will formulate a specific plan for each individual that enters the practice. This can mean that all treatments are not for everyone, and some patients may learn that a different procedure may be better, or even that they may need to postpone surgery or consider other options. The practice emphasizes transparency and communication along with treating everyone with respect and integrity. They look forward to the opportunity to go on a journey with their patients. The goal is not just the end result of a procedure, but also to have a comforting, caring experience.

There are other ongoing promotions that the practice does throughout the year, so please follow Mountain West Plastic Surgery on Facebook and Instagram. For more information about the practice, the surgeons, and their amazing staff, please visit the About Us section of this website or request a consultation today.

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