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Woman (model) peacefully sleeping on her side in bed.

When Can I Sleep on My Side After Breast Augmentation? Your Post-Op FAQ

If you’re considering breast augmentation surgery, you probably have questions about each phase of your surgical journey, including the recovery process. Patients often wonder, "When can I sleep on my side after breast augmentation?" or find themselves unsure about what to wear after their procedure. These questions are perfectly normal! Understanding what to expect post-op …

Woman with a flat stomach (model) resting hands on her hips outdoors.

Tummy Tuck Recovery Time: Here’s What You Need To Know

Although surgical technique and pain management advancements have dramatically reduced the downtime required after abdominoplasty surgery, many patients still have questions about tummy tuck recovery time and expectations. We've put together this tummy tuck recovery guide to help you understand what to expect after your procedure. Read on to discover what you need to know …

Two athletic-looking women (models) doing yoga indoors.

Does Body Contouring Really Work? Surgical vs. Nonsurgical Options

Body contouring procedures are meant to improve your shape, helping you to fit into your clothes better and improving your self-confidence. But does body contouring really work? Is a surgical or nonsurgical procedure best? The good news is that most body contouring procedures really do work. Several surgical and nonsurgical procedures can reduce stubborn fat, …

Woman (model) smiling outdoors in the sun.

Your Breast Augmentation Options (Infographic)

Breast augmentation offers significant cosmetic benefits, such as restoring volume lost to childbearing and aging or creating a more symmetrical body shape. And many patients experience improved body image and self-confidence after the procedure. If you decide to undergo breast augmentation, you'll have to consider before your surgery, including: Size Material Style Placement Incision location …

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Dr. Michael Hromadka, Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon and Weekend Adventure Enthusiast

Getting Michael Hromadka to hold still for a minute or two is a bit of a trick, but his clinical assistant, Janelle Borgen, succeeded in getting him to sit down for an interview at Mountain West Plastic Surgery last week. Dr. Hromadka is a board-certified plastic surgeon who specializes in breast reconstruction, breast augmentation and …